Azure Platform Announcements – Simplified!

Looking for an easy to understand overview on some of the recent announcements and enhancements in Azure?

Check out the latest Taste of Premier Episode where I walk through some of the latest enhancements of Azure and demonstrate how to leverage them for important workloads!  In this webcast we walk through subscription policies where you can control regions users deploy resources into as well as what types of assets they’re allowed to deploy.  We also discuss Global VNet peering which is a new capability allowing you to ‘wire’ two virtual networks in Azure residing in different subscriptions or different regions to one another using our global backbone!

Other topics discussed:

  •  Service Endpoints — making public services such as SQL and Storage ‘private’ on your network for security and compliance purposes
  • Azure DDoS Protection — Part of our service commitment is to protect important workloads against DDoS attacks.  With this new capability, you can gain insight and add alerting as well as to extend protection to layers 3-7 of the OSI stack
  • Network Security Group Service Tags — When building network security group rules to allow workloads to connect to services such as Azure storage that have public IP addresses that change often it’s often difficult to comply to specific security requirements to block traffic to everything except the specific services used.  With Service Tags, you can allow traffic to ‘storage in South Central US’ as an example and we’ll update that policy for you with the IP ranges assigned to that service!
  • Network Security Group Application Tags — Wouldn’t it be great to refer to 2,4, 20 or 100 web servers running a workload collectively instead of building rules for each public IP address to allow or deny traffic to flow to back-end services?  With application tags, you can!
  • Azure Monitoring — We walk through how to setup notifications and alerts about things that are important to your subscription and walk through how you can see RCA information should something extraordinary happen that impacts your services.
  • Finally, we take a step back in time and talk about the Amiga 2000, hooking it up to modern displays as well as reminisce about the Video Toaster expansion card.  🙂

About the Author

Ryan Berry

Hello! I am a technology professional with over 20 years of successfully selling, designing, and implementing IT solutions of all sizes. I have a sincere passion for technology both inside and outside of work involving myself with community events such as .NET user groups, FIRST robotics and in helping college bound high schoolers prepare for success through mock technology interviews. It’s easy to be successful in a role that you love and coming to work for me means I get to play with new and innovative technologies to bring bold new ideas to customers solving their business challenges. In my current role, I take the complex world of the cloud and Microsoft Azure, a portfolio of capabilities consisting of over 100 products, and help customers in properly selecting capabilities, tooling, and technical frameworks to product results. My vast technical background spanning technologies such as embedded development, Windows debugging and C# to open-source technologies such as PHP, Python, MySQL and Linux aids allows me to quickly dive into a problem and identify solutions producing quick results using the power of the cloud!